DeepRank2 3.0.1 documentation

DeepRank2 is an open-source deep learning (DL) framework for data mining of protein-protein interfaces (PPIs) or single-residue variants (SRVs). This package is an improved and unified version of three previously developed packages: DeepRank, DeepRank-GNN, and DeepRank-Mut.

DeepRank2 allows for transformation of (pdb formatted) molecular data into 3D representations (either grids or graphs) containing structural and physico-chemical information, which can be used for training neural networks. DeepRank2 also offers a pre-implemented training pipeline, using either convolutional neural networks (for grids) or graph neural networks (for graphs), as well as output exporters for evaluating performances.

Main features:

  • Predefined atom-level and residue-level feature types (e.g. atom/residue type, charge, size, potential energy, all features’ documentation is available under Features notes)

  • Predefined target types (binary class, CAPRI categories, DockQ, RMSD, and FNAT, detailed docking scores documentation is available under Docking scores notes)

  • Flexible definition of both new features and targets

  • Features generation for both graphs and grids

  • Efficient data storage in HDF5 format

  • Support both classification and regression (based on PyTorch and PyTorch Geometric)

Getting started

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Get DeepRank2 installed on your computer.

Get started

Understand how to use DeepRank2 and how it can help you.



Get a detailed overview about nodes’ and edges’ features implemented in the package.

Docking scores

Get a detailed overview about PPIs’ docking metrics implemented in the package.

Package reference

deeprank2 package

This section documents the DeepRank2 API.

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